the B bar - Fountain of You Skincare - Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer

Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer from Fountain of Youth Skincare + Giveaway!

the B bar - Fountain of You Skincare - Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer

It’s Friday Y’all! The weekend is finally here + I am excited to share with you two more products with you! Yesterday, I introduced you to Fountain of Youth Skincare + today I am reviewing two more of their products. Do you suffer from Acne or Acne Scars? I know I do and these products have been so helpful! Also, in partnership with Fountain of Youth Skincare, I am having another giveaway! So, keep on reading to learn more!

Bluberry Acai Masque

The Bluberry Acai Masque is  full of real fruits and antioxidants that protect your skin from aging, pollution & cellular damage. {Look + Feel your Best!}

Retails for $30 // Available Here

the B bar - Fountain of You Skincare - Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer

What Type of Skin Types will Benefit?

The Bluberry Acai Masque can be used for all skin types, but is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from acne, oily skin / t-zone issues. Some of the ingredients used to make this masque are: glycolic, salicylic & lactic acid, which are great for acne scars, deep exfoliation + pigmentation.

What does it Smell Like?

You know I was heading this way right? C’mon, you know me by now! Blueberries galore!!! This masque smells amazing! I seriously wanted to keep this on longer than 20 minutes!

How To Use

Apply a generous layer to the face {Avoid Key Areas: Eyes, Hairline + Eyebrows} * By the way, I love using this brush from Real Techniques so that I don’t make a mess with my fingers!

Leave on 3-10 Minutes.

Rinse with warm water and wipe off excess masque with a wet cloth. Be sure skin is cleansed thoroughly.

My Thoughts?

After my first use of this masque, my skin felt extremely soft, which I just loved! I will definitely be purchasing more of these masques soon! I’ve got my eye on some other ones available here. Well, once you’ve had a great exfoliation on your skin, of course you are in need of some good moisture. Which leads me to the next product I am currently loving!

Coconut Moisturizer

The Coconut Moisturizer  is one of the best hydrating  moisturizers you’ll ever use,. Especially if you are looking for long lasting hydration. The Coconut Moisturizer was formulated to help firm the skin and keep it hydrated all day. This amazing moisturizer  also treats pigmentation and redness. Best of both worlds right!?

Retails for $42 // Available Here

the B bar - Fountain of You Skincare - Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer

What Type of Skin Types will Benefit?

The Coconut Moisturizer is best for dry + aging skins.

What does it Smell Like?

Coconuts, DUH! I love coconut everything! {especially when its holding a cocktail inside LOL}

How To Use

Apply generously to Face + Neck

My Thoughts?

I love how hydrated my skin feels after use + lately I have been using this prior to doing my makeup, so I have noticed my skin’s extra glow! That’s a plus! I am definitely open to trying the other moisturizers they have available here. The hydration really does last all day, so I am excited to try more products.

 Fountain of Youth Skincare Giveaway

As promised, I am hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Fountain of Youth Skincare + YOU can be the lucky winner!  I have reviewed a total of 5 products from their line + they are all a part of this giveaway.

The Prizes

the B bar - Fountain of You Skincare - Bluberry Acai Masque + Coconut Moisturizer

the B bar - Fountain of Youth Skincare Lip Scrubs

Details below on how to enter!

Terms + Conditions

Starts: 3/24/17 at 8:00 a.m. – 3/26/17 at 8:00 pm {PST}

International Giveaway

18 + years of Age

Must Follow @_thebbar on Instagram

Must Follow @fountainofyouthskincare on Instagram

Comment down below: Why should you win these amazing products? Also, include your Instagram Username in your comment down below!

That’s All! Best of Luck to Everyone who Enters this Giveaway!!!

Once again, THANK YOU to Fountain of Youth Skincare for sponsoring this post + giveaway. As always, my opinions are my own.

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the B bar - xo Bea


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    I love a good face mask! And I love that you are using a brush to apply, it always feels so much more relaxing!

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    Thank you for sharing these products! I am celebrating a milestone birthday this year and would love these Fountain of Youth products to keep those aging signs away 😉 !

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    These skin care products sound amazing and perfect for sensitive skin. The blueberry acai masque is calling my name. Thanks for the info!

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    I’m so glad you shared this and your opinions! I’ve been looking for a good mask to try out and the Coconut moisturizer sounds amazing!

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    This sounds amazing, is the brand cruelty free?

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    Hey! First off ,your blog is aaaaaamazing!!!!! and so super cute. Keep doing what your doing love! I feel I should win these products because first off, what girl doesn’t like skin care? lol. I love skin care and it’s a definitely must in my daily routine because I beat my face to the max everyday lol. So it’s crutial I keep my face healthy and clean. I love how these products have fruity smells and I’m a sucker for anything that has fruity smells. One big thing that I feel these products would benefit me is because I have very sensitive skin and anything harsh I put on my skin just breaks me out and leaves me irritated for days. All Fountain of Youth products are organic, vitamin infused and paraben free which obviously is such a huge plus and super beneficial for my sensitive skin.xo
    Ig name: _erikaadiane

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